Joan Founder of Jshorsemanship

Joan has been around horses her entire life. She is a Certified Equine Trainer & Saddle Fitter who teaches an emphasis on the horse rider relationship. During the past 9 years she has worked with many breeds and all types of riders.  Her gentle training methods and a natural gift towards understanding horse behavior has led her to be a sought after instructor.

Joan’s passion for horses developed at the age of 12. She became a part of the equestrian industry by participating in clinics and workshops under proven professionals. As she grew up she began working and gaining first hand experience with hunter jumpers, dressage, driving, reining, cutting and Natural Horsemanship instructors.

In 2009 Joan became certified as an equestrian trainer by the Lyons Legacy school in Colorado. Shortly after she formed JShorsemanship and launched a career at Hour Glass Farms in Northeast Ohio. During this time she started colts going to track and trained ones coming back to become riding horses.

As years past Joan began to realize lots of horse behavior problems were related to physical pain. This led her to further studies training under specialist Will Faerber of Art2Ride. The experience gave Joan a great eye to see correct movements and became influential to her students.

 Today Joan utilizes her own training methods that focus on building mental and physical strength in the horse and rider. This holistic training approach ensures a horses well being and it’s riders safety. 

 Joan continues ongoing education with the belief there is always something to learn.  She enjoys seeing  each person understand their horse and form a healthy relationship to have a truly rewarding riding experience.

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Jshorsemanship Horse Training
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